Final paper outline revision

My paper will be focusing on how the church can adapt and tackle two needs: internal modification and external transformation of the world.  A church must have the mentality to see change in the world.  Often times the church has focused inward, where resources, effort, and especially money have stayed within the walls of a church.  I will point this out especially in Asian cultural churches where Asian hard work mentality, coupled with the immigrant goals of finding a better life create a magnet for hard-earned money that may not find its way to causes of the kingdom.  Rather, there must be a shift in thinking in order to change the church’s financial habits.  There must be a fundamental kingdom oriented view, rather than a congregational centric view to see a desire to see change.  Once that is accomplished, the church can hopefully start to move on different kingdom causes.  Here I will suggest a church recycling program.  It is a small step program that requires little effort and energy and requires no additional resources.  Yet it can have big impacts on evangellically targeted areas as well as (using the praxis model) become a source for theological reflection.

In terms of the world impact, I could imagine what could happen if the whole church were to do such things.  Though smaller and less pronounced (although perhaps moreso politically…) the church as a whole if unified could make large strides with environmental and financial headway into God’s kingdom.  A unfiied body could reak havoc on the poverty problems of America.  But as always, it must start small with few resources.  However, God’s favor can easily turn a small program into a nation wide movement for the cause of the kingdom.  Justice, in this case, can be recycled.


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